Birdcam Views - photos by Bet Zimmerman (sort of - the camera is motion-activated). Note that this box has a perch which is not recommended (this particular box is actually a Van Ert Urban Sparrow Trap with trap removed after Black-capped Chickadees expressed interest). Click on any thumbnail to view larger version or whole album. The diversity of birds checking out this box is fascinating. Without the birdcam, I would have missed their visits, either because of duration (most were less than 10 seconds) or timing (e.g., 6:25 a.m.) More info on set up here. Also see a picture of a Black-capped Chickadee nest (in another box.)

The chickadees keep a watchful eye on the camera, maybe because it looks like a big eyeball. (32kb)
Checking inside.  They seem to like the perch.  Unfortunately, perches help House Sparrows defend a box.   (25kb)
 This Novabird Motion-activated camera only has a focal length of 15".  As you see, the box is very close to the house. Yes, it has a perch on it, but that is becuase it is a Van Ert Urban Sparrow Trap box that the chickadees decided they wanted to nest in.  I removed the trap.
A female cowbird looks for a potential spot to dump.  But can't fit in the 1.25
A female Downy Woodpecker. (34kb)
Black-capped Chickadee on a frequent exploratory visit. (31kb)
DSC_0017x.jpg (19kb)
House Wrens showed up way before I realized they had arrived.  They will readily destroy chickadee eggs, remove nesting material and either fill the box up with a dummy nest or claim it for a real nest. (28kb)
A starling butt.  Again, the hole is too small for them. (24kb)
House Wren surveillance. (17kb)
This male bluebird came by day after day to check out the local real estate.  He is part of a pair that is nesting in the backyard. (22kb)
The female stopped by a few times also. (20kb)
Every once in a while my silly husband stops by to make a face. (20kb)
What a beautiful little bird. (29kb)
Can I get in this way? Is the view any different from here? (29kb)
Male back again. He repeatedly tried to enter the box, but couldn't get past his head due to the 1.25
A mouthful of moss.  Chickadees can build a nest in 3-4 days or take up to 2 weeks.  Only the female builds, and th nest is fairly complex. (23kb)
Sausage bird. (18kb)
Titmouse test. (14kb)
BCCH. Photo by Bet Zimmerman.