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Roseland Golf Course Bluebird Trail - 2008 & 2009

See trail description & cumulative log | 2008 Roseland Park Log | 2009 Roseland Park Log

This trail is NOT monitored except in the winter at the end of each year. These wooden boxes were installed at the same time as the Roseland Park boxes. The boxes are either NABS or slot style, mounted on metal poles with no predator guards. The wood on some is deteriorating, and the insides of many were wet due to poor design or cracking roofs. Most are in woods or brambles on the edge of the 9 hole golf course. Mice were expected to be a big challenge here, along with House Wrens. No HOSP have been seen or heard here.

This trail is located across the street from the Roseland Park trail. I do not currently have the time to monitor the golf course trail. In the meantime, I am using it as an informal productivity comparison for the actively monitored Roseland Park trail.

We made forensic guesses on usage in 2007 and 2008 when cleaning out the boxes during the winter. IMO, the four main reasons this trail is so unproductive are:

In 2009, no paperwasp nests were found.

2008 Roseland GOLF COURSE Log
ID TYPE 2007 USE (forensic guess) 2008 USE
(forensic guess)
2009 USE (forensic guess) Notes
Slot Bluebird and HOWR HOWR? lots of pine needles. Move off steep slope Mouse/HOWR/Flying squirrel? Acorns and pine needles. Move this box - on steep hill
  Flying squirrel (live) Flying Squirrel, no occupant HOWR - many pine needles  
  Mouse? Bluebird? EABL F
Mouse 4/26/09: 4 eggs, dropped all eggs on ground while cleaning out mouse part
5/3: 1 egg hatching - see photo
5/11: 1 broken egg, 1 broken partially developed, no baby
5/17: empty (a little mouse/FS? material?
2010: move, wet
  Mouse and HOWR HOWR HOWR - Dummy? Caulking needed
NABS Bluebird in past, Mouse and HOWR 2" (low) nest, some gray feathers, grass etc. HOWR - dummy?  
  Ants and Mouse Mouse, vine on pole Mouse - wet 2010 - enlarged hole
Slot Mouse/squirrel Flying Squirrel - nuts. Need to move. FS? Lots of acorns brambles. Needs work
NABS Flying Squirrel Flying Squirrel/Mouse nest Flying squirrel - stuffing 2010 - enlarged hole
NABS Flying Squirrel Flying Squirrel/Mouse HOWR  
NABS ?nest Mouse - sticks and nuts HOWR -box needs work 4/26: PW
  Mouse/Flying Suqirrel Mouse (nuts) Missed it  
  Mouse ? not checked Missed it  
Slot Mouse Mouse (4 roosting) Mice (2) 2010: wet
slot Mouse and PW Mouse. DAP-ped top. HOWR - pine needles - dummy? 4/26: PW
  Mouse and wasps HOWR. Primo spot, box falling apart Bluebird or TRES? Replace weith new box, rotting 4/26: PW
Slot ? HOWR + Mouse BCCH by clubhouse
Slot Mouse and wasps Mouse (partial), wet inside Mouse. Wet 4/26: PW


  • No boxes found in either the Roseland golf course location or Roseland Park with this number: 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 21, 24, 27
  • Boxes were checked and cleaned on 01/04/2009
  • Boxes were checked and cleaned again on 02/15/2010. Heard chickadees.
  • In 2009 we missed didn't find two boxes during check.


When Nature made the bluebird she wished to propitiate both the sky and the earth, so she gave him the color of the one on his back and the hue of the other on his breast, and ordained that his appearance in spring should denote that the strife and war between these two elements was at an end. He is the peace-harbinger; in him the celestial and terrestrial strike hands and are fast friends. He means the furrow and he means the warmth; he means all the soft, wooing influences of the spring on the one hand, and the retreating footsteps of winter on the other.
John Burroughs, The Bluebird, 1867

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