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eggsModified Mealworm Feeder

Feeder by Backyard Designs:

  • I added catfood tin on top, eyehook to keep squirrels out, and 1.5" holes in sides.
  • The mesh openings are really about 1 3/8" vs. 1 1/2", which makes it difficult for larger bluebirds to enter that way. But now they have the choice of going throug the wooden holes.
  • Bluebirds may prefer this feeder mounted on a pole so it doesn't swing.
  • Their first choice is always to eat the mealworms on the roof.
  • The feeder comes with a catfood can with velcro on the bottom, which quickly turns into velcrud and doesn't stick, so when the birds land on it, the container moves around. If a heavy bird like a mockingbird hangs on it, they can get the container to come to them.
  • The roof came stained with a pretty green, nontoxic water-based stain, but I'm not sure what brand. As you can see, ploppage on top is pretty visible.
  • It's got a sturdy hinge, and is big enough to put your hand in. However, the floor is not quite wide enough to deter big birds from hanging on the edges and reaching in.

Bluebirds not only accept the help of humans, they absolutely need it.
- Steve Grooms and Dick Peterson, Bluebirds, 1991

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May all your blues be birds!

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