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Reinventing Sialis.org

More than two decades ago, I cobbled together my very first webpage consisting of list of bluebird resources. At the time, I only knew...

Never Say Never

We often think of chickadees as being meek birds that lose out to other cavity nesting competitors. This is a particular problem because they...
Get to Know Bluebirds by Myrna Pearman front cover

Get to Know Bluebirds: A Guide for Young Nature Lovers, by Myrna Pearman

If you want to learn about these beautiful birds, this book is a great place to start. Written by biologist Myrna Pearman under a...

About the Webmaster (Bet Zimmerman Smith)

This website is run by Bet Zimmerman Smith and focuses on helping small cavity nesting birds. Corrections, input, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Accuracy of Information on This Website

I am extremely interested in doing all I can to make sure that the information included on this website is as accurate and useful...
Eastern bluebird photo by Debbie Foster from Pixabay.


Here are some of the references used to develop the information on this website. I own many of the bluebird-specific books. See book reviews...
Eastern bluebird photo by Debbie Foster from Pixabay.

Evolution of My Trails

My trails have grown to about 100 nestboxes on our four acre open lot, an adjacent Christmas tree farm, neighbor's yards, a closed landfill,...
Eastern bluebird photo by Debbie Foster from Pixabay.

Lifespan- How long does a bluebird live in the wild?

According to longevity records online with the USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center (last updated 08/2009), the oldest known wild individuals are as follows. The...
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