TerminologyBluebirding Acronyms

Bluebirding Acronyms

Acronyms, Abbreviations and Alpha Codes Related to Bluebirding and Other Cavity Nesters

If you have additions or corrections, please let me know! Thanks to Lloyd Ramsey for the suggestion to put this list up. Also see GLOSSARY | ALPHA CODES FOR BIRDS | SITE MAP

ABA American Birding Association
ACWO Acorn Woodpecker
AHY After Hatch Year
AMKE American Kestrel
AOU American Ornithologist’s Union
ATFL Ash-throated Flycatcher
BADO Barred Owl
BAN Bluebirds Across Nebraska
BANO Barn Owl – also BNOW
BBL Bird Banding Laboratory
BBRP Bluebird Recovery Program of Minnesota
BBS Breeding Bird Survey
BCCH Black-capped Chickadee
BCTI Black-crested Titmouse
BET Not an acronym – Bet Zimmerman (me)
BEWR Bewick’s Wren
BHCO Brown-headed Cowbird
BHNU Brown-headed Nuthatch
BNA Birds of North America (database)
BNOW Barn Owl – also BANO
BOCH Boreal Chickadee
BRP Bluebird Recovery Program (Illinois)
BSP Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania
BRAW Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin
BUFF Bufflehead
CACH Carolina Chickadee
CARW Carolina Wren
CBC   Christmas Bird Count
CBCH Chestnut-backed Chickadee
CHSW Chimney Swift
COGO Common Goldeneye
CRBP California Bluebird Recovery Program
DDT dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane
DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid
DOWO Downy Woodpecker
DRST Deluxe Repeating Sparrow Trap
EABL Eastern Bluebird
EASO Eastern Screech Owl
EMT Electric/Electrical Metal/Metallic Tube/Tubing (conduit) – comes in 10 foot lengths
EPA Environmental Protection Agency (U.S.)
ETSP Eurasian Tree Sparrow
EUST European Starling
FAQS Frequently Asked Questions
FoNS Formula for Nestling Songbirds
GCFL Great Crested Flycatcher
GIFL Gilded Flicker
HAWO Hairy Woodpecker
HOME Hooded Merganser
HOSP House Sparrow
HOWR House Wren
HY Hatch Year
IBS Indiana Bluebird Society
ID Identification
IWRC International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council
IUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature
JD Julian Date
JUTI Juniper Titmouse
KBS Kentucky Bluebird Society
LBBS Louisiana Bayou Bluebird Society
LEWO Lewis’s Woodpecker
MBA Massachusetts Bluebird Association
MBS Maryland Bluebird Society
MBS Michigan Bluebird Society
MBT Montana Bluebird Trail?
MOBL Mountain Bluebird
MOBS Missouri Bluebird Society
MOCH Mountain Chickadee
NABS North American Bluebird Society
NCBS North Carolina Bluebird Society
NYSBS New York state Bluebird Society
NOFL Northern Flicker
NWRA National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association
OATI Oak Titmouse
OBS Ohio Bluebird Society
OEBS Ontario Eastern Bluebird Society
PBRP Prescott Bluebird Recovery Project
PROW Prothonotary Warbler
PUMA Purple Martin
PVC Polyvinyl chloride
PYNU Pygmy Nuthatch
RBNU Red-breasted Nuthatch
RBWO Red-bellied Woodpecker
RCWO Red-cockaded Woodpecker
RHWO Red-headed Woodpecker
SIBTS Southern Interior Bluebird Trail Society
SREH Starling-resistant Entrance Hole
SY Second Year
TBN The Birdhouse Network – now NestWatch
TBS Texas Bluebird Society
TRES Tree Swallow
TUTI Tufted Titmouse
TY Third Year
USFWS U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
VBS Virginia Bluebird Society
VGSW Violet-green Swallow
WBNU White-breasted Nuthatch
WEBL Western Bluebird
WESO Western Screech Owl
WODU Wood Duck

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Bird species either have to change and adapt in an ecological “blink of the eye” to humans and or disease, predators, competitors or change in habitat or they will “wink” out forever.
– Keith Kridler, Bluebird_L, 2010


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