BluebirdersBluebirder Doreen Scriven (?-2018)

Bluebirder Doreen Scriven (?-2018)

The following is drawn from Remembering Doreen Hayes Scriven, Bluebird Recovery Program of Minnesota, Vol.28, Issue 4, Fall 2018

Dorene Scriven. Photo provided by Jim McLochlin

Doreen Scriven was one of the founders of the Bluebird Recovery Program of Minnesota.  She passed away at home on June 25 2018.  She was a devoted friend to many, and often ahead of her time with regard to causes like land preservation, conservation and recycling.  She was a consummate naturalize and advocate for wildlife who work tirelessly on local and national wildlife issues.  She was an accomplished woodworker who volunteered for the Minneapolis Audubon Chapter.  In 1989, she published Bluebirds in the Upper Midwest: A Guide to Successful Trail Management Bluebird Trails: A Guide to Success, followed by several editions.

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