Behavior & MigrationLive Streaming Bluebird Nestcams

Live Streaming Bluebird Nestcams

Bluwing Nestcam of bluebirds (box being filmed)Live streaming of nestcams is gaining popularity, and you can witness some amazing (and boring) things.  Google sites, or look on YouTube for clips. I used to post links, but people drop the sites, or they are dead outside of nesting season.

Linda (Bluwing) of Georgia hada nestcam streaming live via (a free service that runs ads). There will not be much activity going on in early February, but blues have been checking out this box, and have nested in it in the past, so stay tuned! (Note: If you click on the video above, it will take you to, where you can chat.) There have been some challenges in getting the audio and visual to work.

Here is a link to some of Linda’s YouTube Videos of nestcam-captured activity:

References and More Information:

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Nestcams let you into the secret life of birds


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