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Nestbox Cam Blog 2007

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  • Starlings were checking out a Great Crested Flycatcher box I have hanging outside my second story window off the chimney. I changed the direction the box was facing and they immediately started building, so I put a nest cam in for the purpose of observation. “Know thy enemy.”
  • 05/26: Sometimes the birds bring material OUT of the nestbox.
    • Even before there is hardly any nesting material in the box, the female does the nest cup formation dance.
    • The female makes an amazing series of vocalizations – whistles, clicks, and what sounds like a human voice, when what I assume is her mate approaches. Other times she hunkers down in the box, another starling enters, there is a scuffle, and one quickly leaves. I don’t know if this is not her mate.
    • A House Wren quickly and quietly snuck into the box to check it out.
    • The box door was slightly open, and she kept moving nesting material away from the crack.
    • During nest building, the female? male? has REMOVED material from the box.
  • Eventually the starlings gave up, with a partially completed nest.

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All bluebirders must feel like “one of the chosen ones” when we are fortunate enough to have nesting bluebirds on our own property….
– Lillian Lund, Sialia, 1984


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