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Nestbox Cam Blog 2010

More busted nestcams – they seem to just die on me. I got a new one – a Hawkeye color cam. But because of low light, it looks totally black and white.

  • Titmouse on cam.
    Tufted titmouse checking out nestbox

    A titmouse had been roosting in the box, but split. I saw a chickadee and titmouse check it out. Tree Swallows nested in this box last year.

  • Finally during the end of April, a House Wren (HOWR) started adding sticks. As of May 3, they haven’t covered the bottom of the box yet.
  • 05/4: House Wren female is adding sticks, and roosted in the box tonight.
  • 05/05: Female is cupping, and as she does so, sticks fall down. She picks them up by the middle and tucks or places them on the edges and top, at a right angle to her beak. She is starting to bring in some items (grass) to line the nest cup. The male comes in to check periodically and they chatter to each other. I can hear at least 2 other male HOWR singing nearby.
  • 05/10: Female is adding feathers, re-arranging, chattering away. She pecked at the camera lens a bit (HOWR’s build a tall nest. The edges often touch the top of the box, while the nest cup is small and deep.
  • 5/13: first egg
  • 5/14: 2nd egg.
  • 6/6: nestlings hatched yesterday, watching them get fed. The female does a quiet chatter to get them to open up. Took the nest out to adjust the camera and the parents freaked and were screaming at me.


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All bluebirders must feel like “one of the chosen ones” when we are fortunate enough to have nesting bluebirds on our own property….
– Lillian Lund, Sialia, 1984


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