ChildrenChildren's Activities on Bluebirds

Children’s Activities on Bluebirds

Five little bluebirds, hopping by my door
One went to build a nest, and then there were four.
Four little bluebirds singing lustily
One got out of tune, and then there were three
Three little bluebirds, and what should one do,
But go in search of dinner, leaving only two.
Two little bluebirds singing just for fun
One flew away, and then there was one.
One little bluebird sitting in the sun
He took a little nap, and then there was none.

– Children’s Nursery Rhyme
Rendering from Leah Sollidays photo of a male bluebird.

NABS Get to Know Bluebirds Book for young birders – Download or buy on Amazon

Get to know bluebirds booklet by nabsWonderful, informative booklet with photos, fascinating facts, stories, etc., developed by Myrna Pearman with a grant from the North American Bluebird Society.  You can download it for free as a PDF, and purchase it in color from  Read more about this book.

Tak-Along Project – bring a child along while monitoring a bluebird trail. Great tips on how to get them interested but not overwhelmed.

Coloring Pages

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Bluebird coloring page Bluebird coloring page Summer Fun
Bluebird coloring page
webpage I love Nature TX Bluebird
from Sialia (NABS)
PDF version PDF version PDF Version PDF version PDF Version
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Arts & Crafts

Activities – also see No Child Left Inside


  • Three Little Bluebirds
    (Place the bird nest puppet on your right hand, puppets hidden inside, before you start this rhyme.)
    Three little bluebirds without any home;
    (Raise three fingers on left hand.)
    Three little trees in a row.
    Come build your nests
    In our branches tall
    (Fly fingers of left hand through the air to “land” in the nest — lift up the three bluebird puppets inside.)
    We’ll rock you to and fro.
    (Fold arms with nest inside and sway gently.)
    Adapted from Ring a Ring O’Roses by the Flint Public Library
  • BLUEBIRD THROUGH MY WINDOW (tune: “Skip to my Lou”) Fly little bluebird, through my window
    Fly little bluebird, through my window
    Fly little bluebird, through my window
    Um diddle um dum dey.
    Hop little bluebird, in my garden
    Hop little bluebird, in my garden
    Hop little bluebird, in my garden
    Um diddle um dum dey.
  • Can use as a circle game that encourages preschool children to follow directions. Teach the song first, then introduce the game.
      • Ask children to join hands and form a circle. 
      • Youngsters hold their hands up high to represent “windows” and the preschool “bluebird” weaves in and out of the windows during the first verse.
      • During the second verse the “bluebird” chooses a child and gently pats him/her on the shoulder several times.
      • Repeat the first verse as both children weave in and out of the windows, with the first child holding on to the second child’s shoulders.
      • Continue until there are no more windows and all the children are holding onto each others shoulders


In summer, juicy insects crawl
On leaves and through the grass.
I feast on bugs until late fall
Then catch them less and less.
Soon winter comes with snow and ice
And winds all in a flurry.
The bugs are gone, but in their place,
a berry February!
–Mariam Kirby

  • Bruce Burdett’s ditty about mealworms can be sung as a rap tune, with “I like it” as the chorus:

The mewo is a tasty worm.
I like it.
It has a glabrous epiderm.
I like it.
I peck it ’til it’s good and dead,
And pulp it up, and smash its head,
Then feed my chicks and go to bed.
I like it.

And another verse suggested by Paula Ziebarth:

A fuzzy caterpillar’s a luscious treat.
I like it.
With hirsute body and tickly feet.
I like it.
When older chicks wish to indulge,
I stuff them ’til their small eyes bulge
And sometimes fuzzies get disgorged.
I like it.



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