House SparrowsHouse Sparrow Attack - Video (Frame)

House Sparrow Attack – Video (Frame)

In the House Sparrow Attack video, it’s very difficult to identify the bird on the bottom. So the videographer, Tony Carita, broke the video down frame by frame, using Blaze Media Pro software.

In Frame 100, you can see the back of the other bird. I lightened it using Adobe Photoshop, and the feathers look like those of a House Sparrow to me.

Here are two shots of the tail, which looks less HOSP-ey, and seems to have a white edge. The underparts near the butt and under the tail also look whiter than those of the bird on top. I have lightened these fotos a bit to make the tail more visible.



The House Sparrow is a persistent enemy of many native birds, especially those which frequent the neighborhood of houses, or which nest in boxes, holes or other places prepared for them by their human friends.
– Birds of America, 1917


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