House SparrowsGruenke House Sparrow Trap

Gruenke House Sparrow Trap

EASY, (very effective) 10 minute HOUSE SPARROW TRAP – Steve Gruenke – great idea for an emergency trap

Using a cordless screwdriver:

Use where a house sparrow has already invaded a nest box.

A. 1″ screw inserted until almost tight (plate part B must be able to swing down parallel to box)
B. 1″ X 4″ metal plate.
C. Entrance hole to nest box.
D. 1 ½ ” screw, top of screw extend upward on a 45 degree angle, and extend screw head outward about ¾ “
D. Thumbtack attached with thin fishing line. Set quite loosely!! But just enough to keep plate up
E. Clear, thin fishing line, extend to the bottom, back of nest box, secure tightly at bottom/back with another thumb tack.

Notes: Do NOT use this trapping method unless a house sparrow has already invaded and began nesting in the nest box. If the sparrow is actively entering this nest box, this method will trap them quickly (usually 10 minutes to 1 hour). Once the sparrow enters, and trips the line, (as long as it is set correctly) the thumb tack will easily be removed, and the metal plate will rest in the crevice of screw (D), covering the entrance hole. Then secure the plate with duct tape, a tack or a screw, so that it cannot flap out. Remove the nest box (screws) from its pole. Take entire box, and place in bucket of water. You do not want to attempt to catch the house sparrow, it’ll get away. This method will also re-clean the nest box for bluebirds or other native cavity nesters.

After this process is complete, remove screws, plate, tacks and fishing line, and reattach nest box to pole. It is the most effective method of sparrow control that I have found so far. 

Retrieved with permission from The Bluebird Box




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