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Hanging Boxes – Tips

Doug on Ladder.Hanging boxes are very popular out west. Bluebirder Linda Violett has enjoyed great success with them.

I don’t love hanging boxes, for a variety of reasons.  The main problem is monitoring.  If they are high up, you need a ladder (it’s suprising how many accidents happen on ladders), or a special lifter, and it can be awkward.  In some areas, climbing predators or snakes would be a serious problem.  But they can save money on materials (no need for a pole), and prevent vandalism (if they are beyond reach.)

Here are a few tips on using them:

  • When monitoring, tip the box backwards so the eggs don’t fall out
  • Watch parents feeding – if 7-10 minutes still inside – dipping head in
  • Make sure the hook is tight so raccoons can’t lift it off
  • If raccoons do find it, move it.  You may have more raccoons in trees than out in the open.
  • Hinge at the top to prevent early fledging, also hinge one side for cleaning
  • Put a predator baffle on top of box
  • if raccoons find it, move it?
  • Hang the box 5 feet down from limb


Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly.
– from “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” lyrics by E.Y. Harburg


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