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House Wren Attacking Eggs – Video

Sorry, this video is not longer available.

Althea Sherman reported that House Wrens destroyed eggs of 29 different birds. They can remove an entire chickadee nest in a matter of hours.

This wren was caught in the act on my infrared nestbox camera. It is attacking House Wren eggs, probably in a competitor’s nest. The entire attack lasted a matter of seconds. Notice that the House Wren makes a pretty big hole in the center of the egg, as opposed to the two tiny holes sometimes seen when House Wrens remove an egg from a box. It eventually removed all the egg fragments.

Reminds me of the shower scene in the Hitchcock movie Psycho.


Nature is NOT putting up boxes for the birds to nest in. Putting up a box is interfering with nature. With that intervention comes responsibility.
Nicholas A. Zbiciak, Bluebird_L, 2000


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