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Bluebird License Plates

Idaho Bluebird license plates   Idaho 1990 to present. The Mountain Bluebird was designated the State Bird in 1931. The bluebird license plate was the first wildlife plate issued, thanks in part to lobbying by Al Larson.
Missouri bluebird license plate   Missouri 2008. 56 percent (145,121) of Internet votes cast were for the new bluebird plate. (The other choices were a sun and a ribbon). The Eastern Bluebird was named the Missouri State Bird in 1927.
New York bluebird license plate   New York. Designed by Roger Tory Peterson. Money goes directly into State's Environmental Protection Fund, dedicated for conservation projects identified in New York's Open Space Plan. The Eastern Bluebird was named the State Bird in 1970.
    Nevada - The Mountain Bluebird is the State Bird as of 1967, but apparently they don't have a bluebird license plate. In Nevada, the state will issue a special plate for an organization or cause if they get 250 requests. Once 250 people write a letter of intent to purchase the plates if they are issued, the next step would be to get legislative approval.
Ohio bluebird license plate   Ohio 2005. Fifteen dollars of the total plate cost is distributed to the treasurer of state to support Ohio State Parks nature programs, such as nature hikes, youth fishing clinics, supplies and equipment for environmental education programs in the parks, and more.
Tennessee bluebird license plate   Tennessee - The most popular specialty license plate. It has raised millions of dollars for TWRA to fund wildlife habitat protection and enhancement programs, provide public hunting and fishing access, support law enforcement efforts, and improve youth education projects. (Note: Dr. David Pitts took the photograph used to create the bluebird graphic. As of 2013, this plate had raised over 6 million for the wildlife fund.)
VA license plate bluebird Virginia: A wildlife conservation plate featuring a bluebird couple became available in 2011. $15 of the additional $25 annual fee goes to the Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries for conservation efforts (wildlife management, research, educational programs and purchase of public lands.) The artwork was by Spike Knuth.
Florida bluebird plate
And here's an option for those who live in States without bluebird plates.... (Phil Berry from Florida)

Note: Some states also offer "souvenir" license plates which cannot be used on a motor vehicle.

    I think this is a bit premature. After all, who has ever seen a bluebird, except perhaps on the cover of a greeting card?
    - Reaction of a delegate when the bluebird was proposed as the State bird for New York in 1970

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