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Picture of the week – Carolina Wren nest

There was a young lady who lived in a shoe….

Carolina Wren nest in a shoe. Photo by Bet Zimmerman.

A Carolina Wren nest in a boot. Carolina Wren’s often choose odd locations for their nests. They do not often chose to use nestboxes.

Shoe Bird. PHoto by Bet Zimmerman.

A Carolina Wren nest is a bulky, somewhat messy mass of debris like leaves with some coarse hay/grass, twigs, moss, little roots, weed stalks; strips of bark, plastic or even snakeskin; generally domed with tunnel like entrance; and lined with feathers, animal hair, Spanish moss, wool, and fine grasses. Eggs are white/pale pink or rosy tint/light gray (larger than other wren eggs); usually with heavy brown/reddish-brown flecks often concentrated at larger end. Little or no gloss, unlike House Wren.

Wayne with Carolina Wren nest. Photo by Bet Zimmerman.

Guess Wayne won’t be wearing these boots for a while….
(Wilmington, NC. Photos by Bet Zimmerman, May 2007)

More Information:

The Carolina Wren likes to nest where she ” can dodge in and out and in a twinkling appear or disappear like a feathered Jack-in-the-box”
– Dr. Chapman, Life Histories of Familiar North American Birds

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