EggsPicture of the Week: Pink MOBL Eggs

Picture of the Week: Pink MOBL Eggs

Pink Eggs. Photo by Barbara Spagnuolo
Pink Mountain Bluebird eggs. Photo by Barbara Spagnulo. Click here for full resolution picture.


For the last seven seasons, Barbara Spagnuolo has been coordinating the monitoring of 122 bluebird nest boxes at various parks, open space areas, schools and trails in Castle Rock, Colorado (near Denver). A female Mountain Bluebird using one of their nest boxes, affectionately named “Pink Lady.” For the third time in a row (in the same nest box), this Mountain Bluebird has laid pink eggs. The first clutch of pink eggs was documented last year from her second brood, but this year she laid the pink eggs for the first brood and now the second brood.  The female is healthy and all chicks were healthy and fledged successfully. Fortunately all of her “pink” offspring have been banded and had blood drawn as well (as part of a research project through the University of Colorado), and she is banded as well, so they can track any future activity.

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