NestlingsPicture of the Week: Tufted Titmouse Newborns

Picture of the Week: Tufted Titmouse Newborns

TUTI newborns. Bet Zimmerman foto
Photo by Bet Zimmerman, 05/02/2010


I am having a Black-capped Chickadee and Tufted Titmouse explosion of nesting on my trails this year. These babies might have hatched today. Notice one unhatched egg below. There are six nestlings crammed in the nest. You can see a small piece of cellophane (possibly used as a snakeskin subsitute) on the lower right. This box is at a landfill so they have access to plenty of trash.

Tufted titmice seem to like boxes with large interiors, near the tree line, and boxes hanging on trees. More about Titmice nesting habits.

When I get Tufted Titmice nesting in a Zuern (tree branch) box, they tend to fill up the whole box, both in front of and behind the baffle, and lay their eggs in the back. See photo.

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