EggsPicture of the Week: My first white egg

Picture of the Week: My first white egg

White bluebird egg


Some people will never forget their first kiss. I will never forget my first white egg in a bluebird nest on my own trail. Actually I didn’t even realize it was white until I briefly removed the nest to install a Sparrow Spooker to deter House Sparrows (drilling to attach it to the box could potentially addle the eggs.) In the past ten years, I have only seen one other nest with white eggs, and it was in a nest on a friend’s trail in Eastford, CT. This one had a slightly pinkish tint not visible int eh photo (it had been laid that day obviously, since bluebirds lay one egg a day and there was only one egg in the nest.)

An estimated 4-5% of bluebirds lay white eggs in lieu of the typical blue. A female that lays white eggs will always and only lay white eggs. More info.

This nest is in a Troyer box, which appears to be a popular choice for bluebirds, along with Gilwoods.

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