NestlingsBluebird Prognosticator: BETA TEST VERSION

Bluebird Prognosticator: BETA TEST VERSION

Click here to download ZIPped Excel file Beta Test Version 1.4

Here is Roger Lee’s first try at a Bluebird Prognosticator. This program is based on the clever and useful Purple Martin Prognosticator (a wheel available for purchase.) It was developed based on a draft set of ideal specifications provided by bluebird landlords. Its purpose is described here.

However, developing an automated tracking tool for a bluebird trail has complexities. Eastern, Mountain and Western Bluebirds have different nesting timetables, there are numerous other cavity nesters that use bluebird boxes, and box sizes, shapes, locations etc. are quite variable.

We are looking for people to test this version and provide feedback to lee.roger.d”at” (replace “@” with the “at” sympbol.)

To try it out, please unzip all of the files to the same directory. Open the main spreadsheet (eabl11.xls) first. You can link to the others through it or open them normally using Excel. Please read the Instructions Page first for important information. DO NOT RENAME ANY FILES.

Only years 2002, 2003, 2004, and possibly 2005 are functional, so please confine the beta testing to those years. It is extremely important to hit the “Refresh Data” button at the top left of each worksheet to make sure the data refreshes in the pivot tables and is accurate.

TESTERS: If you were working with an earlier version, copy and paste the data from any previous versions to the new ones. Put the files in a different directory than the old one or the files will be overwritten and all data lost.

Please report any errors (which are expected in this version to Roger. Thank you, we look forward to your feedback to help make this a useful and functional tool!



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