FAQsIs a Slot Box "Sparrow Resistant"?

Is a Slot Box “Sparrow Resistant”?

Q:  Is a slot box “Sparrow Resistant?”

A:  NO.

slot boxes are NOT sparrow resistant
A slot box is NOT resistant to House Sparrows. To add insult to injury, this box is being marketed mounted on a tree, which is an invite to mammalian predators.

Regular slot nestboxes are often marketed as being resistant to House Sparrows. This claim is based on some early experiments done by Dr. Wayne Davis.  Unfortunately, House Sparrows will not hesitate to use a slot box.  In addition, House Wrens love them.  And they are difficult to use an inbox Van Ert trap in. I would hypothesize that what Davis actually saw was “neophobia” – i.e., House Sparrows were not used to this new design and initially avoided it.

In my experience, the only two nestbox styles that House Sparrows do not PREFER are:

  • the Gilbertson nestbox (a round PVC box), and
  • perhaps a Troyer nestbox (a smaller version of a slot box.)  With regard to the Troyer box, House Sparrows may be deterred by the small interior.

However, House Sparrows will use these boxes too, or may enter them for the purposes of attack.  One of the reasons House Sparrows are such successful invaders is that they will nest just about anywhere – even in open gutters.

Instead, try a Sparrow Spooker (put on after the first egg is laid, removed after young fledge) or monofilament.



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