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(Note: the answer to fill in a blank may consist of one or two words.) Click HERE for answers, or here for an MS Word version of this quiz.

1. Name the 1946 Disney Movie featuring the tune "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah."

2. The Eastern Bluebird is the state bird of ________ and _________.
3. " Without question the most deplorable event in the history of American ornithology was the introduction of the ___________ ." -W.L. Dawson, The Birds of Ohio , 1903


4. Who said: " Who has decided - who has the right to decide - for the countless legions of people who were not consulted that the supreme value is a world without insects, even though it be also a world ungraced by the curving wing of a bird in flight ?"


5. Name birds or animals that will attack eggs/nestlings/adult bluebirds in a nestbox.


6. Name birds that will nest in Eastern Bluebird nestbox.


7. Who recorded "I Wish You Love" (". I wish you bluebirds in the Spring, To give your heart a song to sing, And then a kiss, But more than this, I wish you love! ") in 1946.


8. Between 1926-1938, which of the following established bluebird trails?

a. Thomas E. Musselman, Illinois
b. Amelia Laskey, Nashville
c. Junior Audubon Club of Missouri
d. The Better Garden Club of Missouri
e. All of the above


9. What was the year of publication for Larry Zeleny's (founder of NABS) article in National Geographic entitled "Song of Hope for the Bluebirds"?


10. In 1970, Lorne Scott of Saskatchewan was single-handedly monitoring a bluebird trail with #____ boxes.


Bonus questions:

11. The bluebird appears on a ___ cent stamp issued by the U.S. Postal Service.


12. In early records, the bluebird was referred to as (check all that apply)

a. Blew Bird
b. Blue Robin
c. Blue Warbler
d. Blue Bonnet
e. Blue Redbreast

13. What color are bluebird eggs?

Click HERE for answers.

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