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Video of the Week – Prothonotary warblers at a nestbox. Filmed by Jack Dodson.

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Filmed by Jack Dodson of Missouri. Shows Prothonotary Warbler adults feeding young in a nestbox, and removing fecal sacs. Annotations by Bet Zimmerman. Intro photo by Charlie Bombaci, end photo by Robert Peak.

Dodson got the video footage with a consumer-level Sony mini-HD video camera mounted on a tripod. He put it about 5 feet away frmo the nestbox, focused on the entrance hole, turned it on and left. He came back an hour later to retrieve the tape. The video version on this website is significantly compressed and edited (and gaps have been edited out – there were actually about 10 visits over the course of the hour) – in the original you can identify what type of insects the parents are bringing in.

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