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Links Being Updated

NOTE:  I am in the process of checking these links that were on my old website to see which ones are still active.  Unfortunately, websites “die,” or people move pages without redirecting, so no guarantee that these still work.  The Bluebird Box website no longer exists, but Jim McLoughlin has generously given me permission to move its contents to  If you find a broken link I’ve missed, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • Larry Zapotocky Monofilament How to attach monofilament line to a nestbox. For set-ups with free-swinging strings of monofilament, use caution to ensure that loose strings do not swing into the nestbox to tangle on bird feet or get swallowed by babies.
  • Sparrow Spooker – goes up after first egg is laid. VERY effective.  Remove after fledging.
  • Magic Halo – deters HOSP from bird feeders, suppliers
  • Hole reducers – suppliers. Use smaller than 1.25″ to prevent HOSP entry (e.g., protect chickadees, titmice, wrens)
  • HOSP Trap review by Paula Ziebarth
  • HOSP trap suppliersnestbox and ground traps
  • DIY inbox (nestbox) traps used to capture HOSP attempting to claim/nest in a box
  • DIY ground traps: Some drawings of traps you could build yourself.
  • Hironbec Pendulum for Tree Swallow nests
  • The Birdhouse Network – fact sheets on almost all cavity nesters
  • Purple Martins: Purple Martin Conservation Association and Chuck’s purple martin site. Purple Martin Society and Terry’s Martins
  • Tree Swallow educational site (nestboxes, site selection, banding, record keeping, etc.)
  • See this neat online bird identification guide.
  • Learn to recognize other occupants (birds, nests and egg photos and descriptions, egg sizes) of nestboxes
  • Bird Identification:Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter
  • Egg & Nest ID: Table of birds with links and descriptions
  • A site with clearer pictures of nests of the most common tenants in boxes:  Nest ID
  • US Fish and Wildlife summary of laws protecting migratory birds.
  • List of species covered and not covered by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Note there may be State or local-level laws with additional requirements.
  • Canadian laws protecting birds
  • Check Linda Violett and Wendell Long archives
  • Bluebirding Forum – Garden web discussion forum – mostly backyard bluebirders, some very experienced people and great photographers. Anyone can read, must register to post. No emails – just the website, sorted by threads. Does occasionally have annoying pop-up ads (hit “refresh” to end them.)
  • Bluebird Nut Cafe – discussion forum. Discussion of active House Sparrow management allowed. A little difficult to navigate. Very supportive, great photos posted. Registration optional.
  • Bluebird_L Mailing List – DISCONTINUED IN MAY 2010
    • See new Yahoo Bluebird Monitors Forum – Yahoo password required to post. This is the closest thing to the Bluebird_L. You can browse online or subscribe and post (receiving individual emails or a daily digest) – see more info and instructions. This is the forum I ( check in on most regularly.
    • Bluebird_L archived postings, sorted by topic – NO LONGER ONLINE
    • Bluebird_L Facebook site with wall, discussions. Good for chatting and posting photos. Not moderated. Must register with Facebook to post.
  • CAbluebirds_L – California Bluebird Recovery Group – Yahoo Group for all CA bluebird monitors
  • Nestwatch (Cornell) – how to monitor and collect data – free to join, has code of conduct, discussion forum, resources; and one way listserv on nest-box monitoring, cavity-nesting birds.
  • Some State Bluebird Societies also host forums or Facebook pages.
  • North American Bluebird Society (NABS) hotline (phone or email) for questions. NABS also has a Facebook page where you can post photos and ask questions.
  • North American Bluebird Society (NABS)
  • The Bluebird Box (Audubon Society of Omaha) – tons of good stuff. Discontinued.  Jim McLoughlin has given me permission to reuse much of it’s content here.
  • Best of Bluebird_L Classifieds (Searchable Listserv messages organized by hundreds of topics).  Discontinued from
  • Cavity-Nesting Birds of North American Forests (1977), Forest Service, dated but informative and free, formerly at
  • Sialis website (You’re here now. Educational website, with general and specific information for novice to advanced bluebirders; also information on other small cavity nesters.)
  • All About Birds and The Birdhouse Network (Cornell)
  • Birds of North American online (Cornell) – detailed species accounts, scientific references, descriptions of behavior, nesting timing, migration, population trends, conservation, etc. (paid subscription for full access)
  • Summary of biological data, distribution, etc.
  • Life
    Histories for Familiar North American Birds
    Arthur Bent
  • Ornithological research archive – searchable
  • Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter – ID tips, maps, eggs, calls etc.
  • Purple Martin Society – Forum (need to register to post) – Roundtable/Conference Listing (Purple Martin & Bluebird)
  • Nestbox Builder – Fred Stille’s site with plans for many wood and PVC boxes that appeal to bluebirds
  • Facebook pages: NABS Facebook Page| Bluebird-L Facebook Page
  • SORA: Searchable Ornithological Research Archive (free, open access)
  • Bluebird flyer prepared by Bluebirding forum members (link to page where you can download flyer in PDF format)


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