Photography, Photos & VideosPicture of the Week: Snake Lick

Picture of the Week: Snake Lick

A rat snake tastes Keith Kridler's (of Texas) camera lens.
A rat snake tastes Keith Kridler’s (of Texas) camera lens.

Signs of snake predation include: Usually all (possibly some) eggs (egg numbers go down and up over time) or nestlings (especially unfeathered, and those near fledging) suddenly gone, nest intact, female missing, or parents still around, snake found in box. No traces of eggs shells or nestling remains. MAY find snake feces (little round or egg-shaped balls with tightly compressed hair or feathers, usually smaller than a bluebird egg.)

This is most common in the South, and areas where mice are common and near wood edges, and on boxes without snake-proof guards or on fence rows. (Large snakes can get over 24″ diameter cone guards).

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