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Roseland Park Bluebird Trail - 2009

See trail description & cumulative log | 2008 Roseland Park Log | 2008 & 2009 Golf Course Log

Roseland Park Bluebird Trail.
Click on image above for larger version. In 2008, this trail consists of 8 boxes.
2009 Roseland Trail Log
ID Location 2007 USE


2009 Notes
NABS 28 lakefront, trees, lawn, paired w/15 EABL 2008: BCCH S HOWR F 4/5: a little grass.
05/16: HOWR
06/11: HOWR dummy
NABS 15 lakefrong, trees, lawn, paired w/28 Mouse/
HOWR S HOWR S - 5 (1 unhatched egg) 05/16: HOWR
05/22? HOWR
05/31: HOWR
06/06: HOWR
06/30: HOWR 5, 1 egg
SLOT 10 near brambles, woods Mouse HOWR S HOWR F 05/02: HOWR sticks, left open
SLOT 3 near brambles, woods Mouse HOWR dummy HOWR F 05/02: HOWR sticks, left open
05/27: HOWR
NABS 19 near entrance Not there BCCH filed - abandoned due to wren guardHOWR S HOWR F 05/02: BCCH nest, NE, wren guard before egg (later abandoned)
05/31: HOWR male
06/06: HOWR1e
06/11 HOWR dummy
06/30: HOWR dummy
NABS 23 lawn, garden, 40? ft from 22 EABL? HOWR

2008: EABL, first egg 4/14, S, 2nd nesting S

EABL S - 3? 4?
4/8: 1st egg? could have been earlier.

3/23: nest start 3/28: completed EABL nest 4/5: no eggs yet
4/12: 4 eggs, so first egg as late as 4/8. Female appeared to be incubating.
5/2: hatched
5/16: removed wren guard
5/27: PW. Fledged.
5/31: HOSP? Heard one.
6/2: Blue is back (some sticks and pine needles) put up wren guard.
06/06: 1 EABL egg
08/02: HOWR dummy
1 or 2 nestings? can't read notes. Assume 1 nesting, 3 fledged.

NABS 22 lawn, garden, 40? ft from 23 ? HOWR S HOWR S - 2 fledged 05/16: HOWR
05/27: 6HOWRleft2,mising nest time
05/31: HOWR, NE
06/06: HOWR, NE?
06/11: 2 HOWR fledged, ants
TROYER 9 lakefront, lawn New in 2008 HOWR F
EABL S - 5 eggs and fledged? 4/5, 4/12: completed bluebird nest, no eggs? 5 eggs? can't read notes
04/26? 5 eggs
05/2: hatched?, 3 days old? PW?
05/16: 5 big bluebird babies
05/31: EABL, no eggs?
06/11: fledged
1 or two nestings? can't read notes. Assume 1.
NABS 10T lakefront, lawn New in 2008

2 nestlings fledged, 1 unhatched eggs egg.

TRES - 4 05/16: TRES nest
05/22? 1 TRES egg
05/31: 4 TRES eggs
06/06: 4 TRES
06/11: TRES fledged (4)
TROYER 1 Roseland Cottage, middle New 04/05/09, box in earlier years had EABL Not used HOWR dummy In location where bluebirds nested last year
vacant all year except a few sticks on 06/30
NABS-PETE HOLE 2 Roseland Cottage, garden New 04/05/09 EABL S
EABL S - 5 eggs and fledged

4/12: Bluebird nest start - pine
5/16: 5 eggs
05/31: big babies
06/11: bluebird perched on box - partial nest, no eggs, left for next year


  • Mice are clearly going to be the biggest challenge here, along with House Wrens. No HOSP seen.
  • 4/15: saw female bluebird. No action other than mice in other boxes.
  • 4/26: heard a HOSP by barn. Realized there are a bunch of boxes on the golf course too! All had mouse, paperwasps, some HOWR and 3 with flying squirrels, one with EABL nest.
  • 5/1: removed Bounce, may be deterring birds.

No boxes found in either location with this number: 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 21, 24, 27


When Nature made the bluebird she wished to propitiate both the sky and the earth, so she gave him the color of the one on his back and the hue of the other on his breast, and ordained that his appearance in spring should denote that the strife and war between these two elements was at an end. He is the peace-harbinger; in him the celestial and terrestrial strike hands and are fast friends. He means the furrow and he means the warmth; he means all the soft, wooing influences of the spring on the one hand, and the retreating footsteps of winter on the other.
John Burroughs, The Bluebird, 1867

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