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Abandoned nests
About this website and me
Accuracy of information on this website

Age - Breeding | Lifespan
Ahlgren, Dave
Alerting hosts to problems
Alien Birds

Alpha Codes and Names
Appeal (Fascination with bluebirds)

Arts & Crafts
Ash-throated Flycatcher
Asynchronous Hatching, TRES
Attracting Bluebirds

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Babies, Emergency Care
Babies, Petting
Baffle, conical, how to make
Baffle, nestbox
Baffle, PVC

Baffle, Stovepipe
Baffles, pros and cons
Banding, birds
Basics of Bluebirding
Bats in a nestbox
Battles - photos
Banding Bluebirds
Bears, Preventing Attacks on Nestboxes
Bees, Bumble
Bergmann's Rule

Bewick's Wren - Biology | Photos
Bibliography (references)
Birdbaths and heaters, suppliers
Birdcam - also see Nestcam
Birdcam Photo Album
Birdhouses - see Nestboxes
Black-capped Chickadee
Black-crested Titmouse
Black Flies
blow flies
Blue Eggs laid by other birds
Blue - why their feathers are
Bluebirder, You know you are when...
Bluebirding Blues
Bluebirds and the Law
Bluebirds Common, Rare, Endangered, or Threatened?
Bluebird nests, eggs and young (photos)
Bottom line advice for new bluebirders
Books - bluebirds, birding
Breathe, embryo, how does it

Breeding Age
Breeding - do bluebirds mate for life
Broods per Year
Brown Birds, other (photos and ID)
Buffalo Gnats
Burdett, Bruce
Buy, where to (bluebird supplies)

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Calcium deficiency
Calcium - supplementing
Calls & Songs

Camera, nestbox set up
Camera, Birdcam (exterior)
Cats, Protecting Cavity Nesters from
Cats - probably killed parent chickadee (photos)
Carolina Wrens - Biology
Carolina Wren nest, eggs, young photos

Cedar - See Nestbox Pros and Cons
Chickadee, Black-capped
Chickadee - Carolina nests, etc
Chickadee, Mountain - photos|biology
Chickadee nest, eggs, young photos
Children, Activities for
Children's Books about Bluebirds
Chimalis Bluebird Trail
Citation (reference)
Cleaning Out Nestboxes and Old Nests - also see Myths
Climate Change
Clutch Size - factors
Codes - see acronyms
Color - unusual coloration or markings
Coloring pages
Commercial facililities allow HOSP to breed
Common Myths about Bluebirding
Common (European) Starling - Biology
Competition (among species)
Competition - photos of fights
Conference notes - NABS 2006, 2008
Conical Baffle, how to make
Contact me
Cooperative Breeding
Cowbirds - Bio | Photos
Crafts & Arts, for Children
Crickets, feeding

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DANDR Nestbox Design (plan)
Dead Tree Swallows in Nestbox
Dead nestling - choked on bug?
Definitions - see Glossary
Development, from Egg to Fledging (Photos)
Differences between bluebird species
Differences between bluebirds and other small cavity nesters
Do no harm
Downside of Bluebirding
Dummy nests

Earthworms causing fecal glue
Eastern Bluebirds - all about (biology)
Eastern Bluebird nests, eggs and young (photos)
Education - see Children's Activities and Handouts for talks/booths

Egg and Nest ID Descriptions
Egg binding + calcium

Eggshells - feeding
Egg comparison - side by side photos
ID Clue Chart (color, markings, etc.)
Number - how many will a bird lay?
Photos by cavity nester
Production (HOSP photo)
Sizes (chart)
White (bluebird)

Electric lines, electric fence, shocks
Embryo, how does it breathe
Emergency Baby Bird Care
Eurasian (European) Tree Sparrow
European Paper Wasps
European (Common) Starlings - Biology

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Fall/Winter Bluebirding
Feathers in nestbox
Feathers - facts about
Feathers - why are they blue?
Fecal Glue
Fecal Sacs
Feedback, comments, suggestions
Feeding Bluebirds:

Feeders, where to buy
Feeder, DIY

Feeder placement

Hawks at the Feeder
Mealworms Raising
Mealworm Suppliers
Mobile Feeder
Training Bluebirds to Come

Fences, mounting on

Finch, Jack R., Homes for Bluebirds, Inc.
First egg reported by State
Fledging, Premature
Flocks, Flocking
Floyd Van Ert - obituary
Flycatchers - Great Crested, Ash-Throated
Flycatcher, Great-crested photos

Flyers (handouts) on bluebirds etc.
Flying Squirrel - Biology, Photos
Forms for Monitoring
Food Sharing (allofeeding)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Games for Children
Game - Bluebird Growing Up and Fact Sheet
Game - Compare nestboxes
Game - Cavity Nester ID and Fact Sheet
Game - Habitat
Game - Word Puzzle - Junior
Game - Word Puzzle
Game - The Wrong Nestbox
Gifts Related to Bluebirds
Gifts - list of nature-related suggestions
Gilbertson box, safety of PVC

Gilwood Nestbox
Glossary of Bluebirding and Bird Terms
Glue, fecal
Goopy over Bluebirds
Great Crested Flycatcher Bio
Great Crested Flycatcher photos
Great Links and Resources
Greek oath about making the world a better place
Grids for Tree Swallow boxes
Grit - why do birds eat it?
Groups - Bluebirding
Guard, Predator (to deter climbing)
Guard, Hole
Guard, Noel
Guard, Hutchings
Guards, pros and cons
Guide to Nestboxes (size, holes etc.)

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Habitat Game
Habitat, preferred nesting, by species
Halo, Magic
Handouts - for talks/booths

Hanta Virus
Harm, do no

Hawks at the Feeder
Heat & Nestboxes
Hill Trail (hanging 2-holers)
Hissing Titmouse
History of Bluebirding
History of Bluebirding Quiz
History of House Sparrows


Hole restrictors/reducers/guards
Hole size tests
House Finch: Bio | Photos

House Sparrows (HOSP):

Active HOSP Control
Advisory (handout)
Are they Evil? (essay)
Attacks (warning - graphic photos)
Behavior (Aggression)
Chemical Repellents
Children's Story about nestbox takeover
Decoys, use of in trapping
Decreasing odds of capturing non-target birds in traps
DIY trap links
Egg photos
Experiments on deterring
Euthanizing HOSP
Feeding (passive control)

Ground traps
Guns to control HOSP
Handout on neglected nestboxes
Hole restrictors or reducers
Identification of HOSP
Identifying a HOSP Attack
Invasive Species, Why
Letter to commercial facilities
Light in nestbox
Magic Halo
Monofilament (fishing) line
Nest photos
Nestbox Clustering
Nestbox type
Nestbox or Inbox Traps
Numbers (Proliferation)
Other Brown Birds

Passive HOSP Control
Plant management
Playbacks, use in trapping
Philosophy of HOSP Control
Photos attack (graphic) 1 | 2
Problems caused by HOSP
Remote controlled traps
Removal of nests and eggs
Removing birds from traps
Rending eggs infertile
Revenge or Rampage
Sticky Mouse Traps - do not use
Sparrow Spookers
Temporary boxes/changing box height to enable trapping
Traps to Control HOSP
Video clip of attack
Wall of Shame
Wary Male
What doesn't work for control
Wing trimming

House Wrens:

All About (Bio)
Another Perspective on
Deterring House Wrens
Nests, eggs and young (photos)
Video clip of egg attack

Huber, Joe
Hutchings "Coon Guard

Hunting: Zuni | Migratory Bird Treaty
Hunting behavior

Hypothermia, preventing

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Birds - Photos
Birds, Other Blue
Birds, Brown
Eggs: Photos | Chart |Description
: Photos | Chart | Description

Incubation of abandoned eggs
Unhatched/infertile eggs
Injured/Orphaned, and Wildlife Rehabbers
Insects and Mites

Invasive birds

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Jensen-Arndt Coolie Hat Baffle  
Juniper Titmouse - Biology, Photos of Eggs, nests, Young   

Kerfs, how to make
Kingston Snake Guard
Kinney (four hole) TRES box
Landscaping for Bluebirds
Landfill, trail at
Leg Bands
License plates (state) with bluebirds

Lists - see acronyms
Listservs and Online Forums
Lucy's Warbler

Lyme Disease and Bluebirding

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Magazines about birds
Magic Halo

Magness, David A
Mailbox - nest in

Maps showing Eastern Bluebird range

See Feeding
Raising mealworms

Migratory Bird Treaty Act
Misidentification of other "Blue birds"
Monitoring, Convincing someone to

Mortar, birds eating
Mountain Bluebirds: Biology | photos-nests, eggs,young
Mountain Chickadees, photos |Biology
Mountain Bluebird photos
Mounting Nestboxes
Mystery Nests
My Trail (Trail Descriptions and annual reports)
Myths about Bluebirding, Common

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NABS (North American Bluebird Society) 2006 - photos and my notes
NABS 2008 - photos and my notes
Names of species
Native Americans - Zuni | Legend | Names
Nest change (how to)
Nest and egg ID
Nest clue chart
Nest and egg ID photo album
Nests - photos series by cavity nester

Nests not used (abandoned/dummy)
Nests - Mystery #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 #7 #8
Nests - unusual sites photos, Part 1, Part 2
Nests - how long does it take to build
Nests - when will building begin
Nesting habitat, preferred, by species
Nestlings, orphaned
New bluebirders - bottom line advice
Nestbox Cams, buying
Nestbox Cam, set up and mine

Buying (suppliers)
DANDR design
Hole restrictors - suppliers
Kinney (4 hole) TRES design
Mounting Peterson Boxes
Mounting Pros and Cons
Pros and Cons of Styles
PVC, safety

Specifications (guide)
Wrong (Game)

Nestlings - Found dead in the nestbox
Nesting Timetable

New Bluebirders - bottom line advice
Newspaper tube - nest in

Noel Guard how to make
Nuthatch, Pygmy, photos
Nuthatch, Red-breasted bio

Nuthatch, White-breasted, bio
Nuthatch, White-breasted, nests, eggs and young (photos)

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Oath of the Athenian City State
Origami bluebird instructions
Orphaned Nestlings
Other Brown Birds (not HOSP)
Other Blue Birds (not bluebirds)
Other Cavity Nesters

Pairing Nestboxes
Paper wasps
Peterson nestbox, mounting
Petting Baby Birds (Nestlings)
Phoebe, Eastern, nests and young photos

Birdcam photo album
Bluebirds Growing Up
House Sparrows
House Sparrow Attacks (warning: GRAPHIC)
Nests and Eggs

Photo of the week
Series by Cavity Nester
Unusual nest sites
Weird Eggs

Planting for Bluebirds
Photographing Cavity Nesters, tips
Poems about Bluebirds
Population, History of Bluebirds
Population, House Sparrow
Postal Stamps with Bluebirds
Predator ID
Predator Guard (climbing) - Wobbling Baffle, Noel, Conical, Hutchings
Predator Guards - pros and cons
Preferred nesting habitat, by species
Presentations - handouts
Premature Fledging, preventing
Privacy Policy
Problem ID
Prognosticator (tracking)
Prothonotary warblers
- Bio | Photos
Pygmy Nuthatch, photos

Quiz about Bluebird History
Quotes related to Bluebirds

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Raising Mealworms
Range, Eastern Bluebird
Ranges, links to all small cavity nesters (BBS)

Rats and Mice
Record Keeping
Red-breasted Nuthatch Bio

Red Squirrels
Red Squirrel Biology and Deterrence
Reducer, hole
References - also see book reviews
Reference (citation) for
Rehabilitator, Wildlife, find
Research Priorities
Restrictor, hole
Returning bluebirds - will they come back?
Rhymes and Songs about Bluebirds
Ringing birds (banding)
Roosting, Roost Boxes
Runt, photos

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Safety, nestbox made of PVC
Search this website
Sequence of Events
Sharing Food (Allofeeding)
Sheet Metal Guard for post
Size, hole
Smith Memorial Bluebird Trail
Snake Predator Guard (Kingston)
Snowbird lyrics
Songs & Calls - Bluebirds
Species, Bluebird- names, differences
Species, cavity nester, preferred habitats

Spiders in Nestboxes
Spring and Summer Bluebirding
Squirrels, Red
Squirrel Tooth Benders (hole guards)
Stamps With Bluebirds On Them
Starlings (European/Common) - Biology
Starlings - nests, eggs, young photos

Starting A New Trail
State Birds - see History
Story - How the Bluebird Got Its Color
Story - Nestbox Parfait
Subspecies of bluebirds
Suet - recipes, feeding
Supplementing calcium
Suppliers, Bluebird
Swallows - Tree Swallows

Swallows- Violet-green
Swallows - dead in the nestbox

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Tanglefoot, buying
Time Commitment
Timetable, nesting
Timetables - how long does it take?
Titmouse, hissing
Titmouse, Juniper - biology | photos
Titmouse, Oak nests and eggs
Titmouse, Tufted
Titmouse nest, eggs, young photos

The Birdhouse Network
Top Tips and Tricks to Attract Bluebirds
Trails, My

The evolution of my trails
Trail Summary Report
Chimalis Trail Log
Trail Summary ReportChimalis Trail Log Landfill Trail Log
Trail Summary Report
Chimalis Trail Log
Landfill Trail Log
New Hill Trail

Chimalis Trail Log
Hill Trail Logs: 2007, 2008
Hill Trail Photos
Landfill Trail Log

Roseland Park Trail, 2008 log

Trails, Starting (How to)
Training Bluebirds to come to feeder
Trapping, House Sparrows
Traps, House Sparrow, Review of
Tree, boxes mounted on
Tree Sparrow, Eurasian (Bio)
Tree Swallows

Trimming, wings (HOSP)
Tufted Titmouse

Turkey Gnats

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Unhatched eggs
Unusual nest sites, photos, Part 1, Part 2

Vandalism, Preventing
Van Ert, Floyd, obituary
Van Ert, Floyd, Trap

Videos about Bluebirds (DVDs or VHS)
Video Clip of the Month
Violet-green Swallows: Biology | Photos

Wall of Shame
Warbler, Lucy's
Warbler, Prothonotary
Wasps, Paper
Weird eggs found in nestboxes
Western Bluebirds - Bio | Photos
West Nile Virus
Wet Nests - Changing and Preventing
White bluebirds
White-breasted Nuthatches, Bio
White-breasted Nuthatches, photos of nests, eggs, young
White (Bluebird) Eggs
Wildlife Rehabilitation
Window Clings, suppliers
Window Strikes - Cause, Preventing
Wing Trimming (HOSP)
Winter/Fall Bluebirding
Woodpeckers, Downy
Woodpeckers, Drumming
Word Puzzle - Junior or Regular
Winterizing Nestboxes
Wrens, Bewick's - Biology | Photos
Wrens, Carolina - Biology | Photos
Wrens, House - Deterring
Wrens, House - all about (Bio)
Wrens, House nests, eggs and young (photos)
Wrong Nestbox - Game

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You know you're a bluebirder when...
Zeleny baffle - see Conical baffle
Zuni, hunting of bluebirds

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